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Specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of electric machining and CNC machine tools

● The “large taper precision CNC wire-cutting machine tool” independently developed and produced is unique in the domestic electric processing industry.
● Awarded “National Key New Product” by Beijing Science and Technology Commission
● Received the Beijing Science Progress Award


Processing Scheme


Middle wire production line

For a long time, domestic manufacturing relied on low prices to obtain the market, and few craftsmen focused on equipment manufacturing technology, especially the wire cutting machine industry that has been done very badly.


China's original medium-cut wire cutting is even more difficult to escape. After years of endless low-price competition, manufacturers no longer pay attention to quality, let alone technological innovation, and the ruined chaos damages the benignity of the entire Chinese wire industry. development of.


Nowadays, more manufacturers are staying on the fast-moving wire level that has been manufactured for nearly half a century to make the wire. Low-cost machine tool castings, simple mechanical structure, adopting the open-loop stepping motor drive method that has been eliminated for many years in the world, coupled with the lack of technical precipitation for a long time, so that customers can purchase the middle-traveled machine tool that is very satisfactory when displaying samples. After only a few months of use, serious quality problems will occur, and even worse, customers will be screaming.


Is it only like this in the middle of the road? Is it going to the end?


Only the ingenuity can break the game


He has been employed in the electric processing industry for 30 years. As the founder of Suzhou Hanqi Company, Huang Shujie began to participate in the development and production of Japanese electric processing technology in the early 1990s. He is one of the earliest electric processing technicians in China and also an industry. Trained a lot of talents. During this period, he was deeply saddened by the status quo of the Chinese people's own original Chinese-made silk machine tools.


The team led by Huang Shujie founded Suzhou Hanqi Company in 2006. They are determined to do one thing. They have spent a lifetime of technology and experience in the electric processing industry, and must build a high stability and high reliability. Machine tools to realize their own value.


After years of continuous research, they found that achieving this goal is no easy task. The manufacturing process of machine tools requires the accumulation of technical knowledge and long-term experience. It requires a constant study of the spirit, a high degree of integration between theory and practice, and an innovative spirit that requires continuous improvement. It is by no means a good way to create a stable medium-travel machine.


Frozen three feet, not a cold day. The Hanqi team abandoned the traditional design concept and borrowed the mechanical structure, connection method, servo drive mode and working fluid filtration mode of the slow wire machine, and continuously optimized the performance and perfection function in the middle wire CNC system. After several years of unremitting efforts, Hanqi finally achieved its original goal and became the first domestic manufacturer to adopt high-reliability structure and drive on the middle wire, achieving long-term stable micro-level processing level.