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Specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of electric machining and CNC machine tools

● The “large taper precision CNC wire-cutting machine tool” independently developed and produced is unique in the domestic electric processing industry.
● Awarded “National Key New Product” by Beijing Science and Technology Commission
● Received the Beijing Science Progress Award


Processing Scheme


EDM machine unmanned machining solution


The EDM process is carried out in a liquid medium. The automatic feed adjustment device of the machine tool maintains a proper discharge gap between the workpiece and the tool electrode. A strong pulse voltage is applied between the tool electrode and the workpiece (the medium in the gap is reached). When the breakdown voltage)


The electric spark breakdown dielectric has the lowest dielectric strength. Since the discharge area is small and the discharge time is extremely short, the energy is highly concentrated, so that the temperature of the discharge area is instantaneously as high as 10000-12000 ° C, and the metal on the surface of the workpiece and the surface of the tool electrode is partially melted or even evaporated. The partially melted and vaporized metal is thrown into the working fluid by the explosive force and cooled into small metal particles, which are then quickly washed away from the working area by the working fluid, thereby forming a tiny pit on the surface of the workpiece. After one discharge, the dielectric strength of the medium resumes waiting for the next discharge. In this way, the surface of the workpiece is continuously eroded, and the shape of the tool electrode is reproduced on the workpiece, thereby achieving the purpose of molding processing.