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Specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of electric machining and CNC machine tools

● The “large taper precision CNC wire-cutting machine tool” independently developed and produced is unique in the domestic electric processing industry.
● Awarded “National Key New Product” by Beijing Science and Technology Commission
● Received the Beijing Science Progress Award


About Us


Company Culture


      Continuous technological improvement and continuous improvement are the essence of corporate culture.

      Since the company's inception, the company has evolved with the continuous development of users, and has continuously improved its products as users improve. From the leader in the field of fast-cut wire cutting, through continuous improvement, it has developed into the existing medium-cut wire cutting machine, stable (stable process index, stable precision, stable hardware and software), reliable, and let the user use it with confidence that we have been constantly Explore and pursue. CNC EDM machines have also evolved from single-axis to 3-axis, 4-axis to multi-axis (5-axis, 7-axis, and 9-axis), and performance specifications have been greatly improved. Meeting the needs of users and continuous improvement are the driving force for the company's continuous development.