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Specializing in the research, development and manufacturing of electric machining and CNC machine tools

● The “large taper precision CNC wire-cutting machine tool” independently developed and produced is unique in the domestic electric processing industry.
● Awarded “National Key New Product” by Beijing Science and Technology Commission
● Received the Beijing Science Progress Award

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Electric spark sharpener

Electric spark forming machine

CNC wire cutting

Product Description

CTM series CNC EDM machine tool is one of the main products of our company. It can be widely used in the forming or finishing of various difficult materials such as aerospace, automobile, military, etc., such as high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, low expansion alloy and alloy structure. Processing of steel and other materials; can also be widely used in the processing of precision molds in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, etc., which can easily realize narrow grooves, narrow slits, deep cavities, shaped blind holes, and internal cavity blind holes. Process requirements for shape processing; equipped with high-precision C-axis to achieve part processing requirements; achieve high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. It is suitable for machining various parts of high and low temperature alloys, rare earths, ceramic materials, etc., which are difficult to machine materials. Each servo axis adopts AC servo drive system.

The control system adopts WindowsXP operating system and is equipped with CAD/CAM programming software. It is equipped with communication interfaces such as USB, RS232 and Ethernet to facilitate communication with off-machine software. The programming code uses the international standard ISO code. The control of the pulse power supply and the discharge circuit are all fully digitally controlled, and each discharge pulse can be precisely controlled. The pulse power supply monitors a single pulse in real time, which can effectively control the wavelength and reduce the loss, ensuring stable, efficient and continuous processing, and making the surface accuracy of the EDM uniform. Significant effect on narrow slits, narrow grooves, especially deep blind holes. The control cabinet is modular in design and easy to operate and maintain.